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Kerri Isham - Power Up Workshops

Kerri Isham
Founder of Power Up Workshops

Self-esteem, body image, how we relate to others and our overall identity are all intertwined with our sexuality. We are all sexual beings. Despite the importance of sexuality in our lives, we are often uncomfortable talking about these issues.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

POWER UP offers a variety of customized sexual health workshops to draw together the school community network across Vancouver Island and beyond, including students, parents, guardians, teachers and concerned community members.

Workshops will provide a FUN and RELAXED atmosphere where individuals can increase their knowledge, motivation and skills to achieve optimal sexual health.

Kerri Isham is a knowledgeable, experienced and passionate educator, coach and facilitator dedicated to excellence and committed to the sexual empowerment of people of all ages. She is a skilled presenter and excellent communicator. Her primary goal is to make exploring sexual health fun and meaningful, and to alleviate the shame and embarrassment sometimes associated with this extremely important topic.

Kerri completed the Sexual Health Educator Certification program through Options for Sexual Health in Vancouver in 2011. Prior to that, Kerri graduated from Ottawa University with a Bachelor of

Physical Education and a Bachelor of Education.

Currently, she runs her own company called Power-Up Workshops specializing in sexual health education for preschool to Grade 12. Her four main areas of focus are sexual abuse prevention, puberty education, special needs education and LGTBQ+ advocacy. In 2015, Kerri received the Education Award from Options for Sexual Health.

Kerri lives in the tight-knit community of Nanaimo, B.C. with her daughter.

Tegan Ferguson - Power Up Workshops Educator

Tegan Ringham-Educator

Tegan Ringham graduated from Vancouver Island University’s Bachelor of Education Program in May 2015. After graduating she moved to Victoria, B.C., where they have found a great community of friends and colleagues. Currently Tegan is working with Kerri as a Sexual Health Educator, as well as a Teacher on Call in the Greater Victoria School District which serves downtown Victoria, Esquimalt, and surrounding areas.

When Tegan teaches she is constantly learning from her students. She loves books and reading to her students, as well as incorporating technology into lessons when there is a chance. It is with great intention that Tegan strives to be inclusive to all her students, whatever grade she is teaching.

Tegan holds a deep-set belief that all people should have access to education, and that Sexual Health Education is a huge part of that. She sees the potential for young people to make smart, powerful choices that are healthy for themselves and their body. She is passionate about combating body shame in all age groups, young and old alike. It is a great honour to work alongside the Power Up team!

Lee Kneisz

Lee Kneisz-
Business Manager

Lee Kneisz is a BC-Certified educator with 25 years experience. He has a Masters of Education in Technology and Design, and brings an interest and aptitude in social media and technology. He will be Ms. Isham’s Executive Assistant and all-round “Boy Friday”.







Chelsea Oaten

Chelsea Oaten-
Personal Assistant

Chelsea Oaten graduated from the Social Services program at Vancouver Island University in May 2016. After graduation, she continued her work with Kerri as her personal assistant and also began working with adults who had sustained traumatic brain injuries. In the fall of 2017, she completed the coursework for her Sexual Health Educator Certification through Options for Sexual Health.

Chelsea has always loved children and is passionate about individuals empowering themselves through ongoing education and advocacy. As a sexual health educator, Chelsea will promote and support the right for people to access comprehensive sexual health education with the hope that this will help people to engage in healthy relationships with others and, most importantly, themselves.

Chelsea has loved working with Power Up Workshops as a personal assistant and is thrilled to continue as an educator.

Educating ourselves … Educating kids.


“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the session that you put on for my Guide Group. I know that it was very beneficial to them. There was lots of talk at the next Guide meeting about being a wise woman. It sounded like many of the girls took what you said to heart and had been practicing your tips at school. As a parent, I really found your session great. I sat down and really contemplated those things that I do that I am passing on to my girls. Although my habits have been there longer and may take some work to change, I have been working on watching what I do and say. I have actively been promoting this session to other Guiders and hope to do another similar session with you next year. Thanks for all your hard work and your commitment to making girls more aware of these issues”.

Janelle Myers, Girl Guides of Canada, Parksville

“What you are doing will change lives and break the generational cycle”.

Catrina Persoon, Retired teacher/principal, Parksville