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POWER UP offers a variety of customized sexual health workshops to draw together the school community network across Vancouver Island and beyond, including students, parents, teachers and concerned community members.

It’s Closer Than You Think!

Remember summer when you were a kid? It seemed to last forever. As parents, we know that it goes by all too quickly. I’ve created a short video with 5 tips for parents to help prepare their little people for kindergarten. You can check out my YouTube video here.

If you’d like a more in-depth resource, consider purchasing my book, Body Smart: Right from the Start, which is available in physical and pdf formats. Click here¬†for more information.

Have a great rest of the summer with your little person!

Talking to Your Kids About Pornography

It is not a matter of if your child will see pornography, it is a matter of when. We know that viewing pornography can have long-term impacts on children. In this workshop we will discuss why kids go to porn, what websites they are most likely to access, what happens in the brain when they view pornography, potential for addiction, etc. A hands on activity that you can share with your child/teen will be provided as well as educational videos you can share with them at home.
This workshop is for any parent twith a child who is accessing on-line apps, games, you-tube, snap-chat, etc.

$25 payment accepted via PAY PAL, etransfer to powerupworkshops@gmail.com, cash, cheque or VISA (Square payment)

Only 20 spots available.

Have a look at my teaser video.