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Inviting all Body Scientists…

Body Safety Workshops (Suitable for Ages 3-10)

Lesson 1 – Private body part names (anatomically correct dolls, drawing of self in bathing suit, song, etc.)

Lesson 2 – Safe, unsafe and secret touch/private versus public (song, story, etc.)

Lesson 3 – Reproduction (how babies are made/how babies are born)

Lesson 4 – Consent (mutual, enthusiastic, freely given and ongoing YES!)

All lessons are fun, interactive and age appropriate.

Powerup Workshops - Kerri Isham

Body Smart classes are set for the following Saturdays: Sep. 21, Oct. 26, Nov. 16, Jan. 18, Feb. 22, Apr. 18, May 16. PLEASE NOTE NO CLASSES in December, March, June.
10-10:45 a.m. Private Body Parts
11:00-11:45 a.m. Safe, Unsafe and Secret Touch
$20 for one class
$30 for two classes
Aimed at children ages 3-10
When your register…
Please include child’s name and age via FB or email.
If you do not use Pay Pal, you can pay via etransfer to
Parents/grand-parents/caregiver must attend with the child
If you are unable to pay this fee, please contact me as I offer sliding scale. All children need to have access to this information. Also, if you have more than one child you would like to bring, please contact me at to discuss a fee.


12 kids max per class

Payment must be made 48 hours before the workshop to ensure a spot.

Preschool Classes

Educating ourselves … Educating kids.

Power Up Workshops for Kids