New Grade 4-7 BC Physical and Health Education Curriculum

The B.C. Ministry of Education has implemented new curricula for grades 4-7 Physical and Health Education.
In Grade 4 students are expected to know:

  • communicable/non-communicable illnesses
  • strategies/skills to use in potentially hazardous/unsafe/abusive situations; includes common lures/tricks used by potential abusers
  • strategies to respond to bullying, discrimination
  • self-identity, body image, social media
  • changes during puberty; sexuality, sexual identity

In Grade 5 students are expected to know:

  • Grade 4 outcomes +
  • practices that promote health and well-being
  • sources of health information, support services
  • strategies to protect from potential abuse
  • physical/emotional/social changes during puberty;¬†sexuality, sexual identity

In Grade 6 students are expected to know:

  • Grade 4/5 outcomes +
  • practices to reduce STIs
  • consequences of bullying, discrimination
  • influences on identity, including sexual identity and gender

In Grade 7 students are expected to know:

  • Grade 4/5/6 outcomes +
  • influences of physical/emotional/social changes on identity and relationships

Please watch my Body Smart video where I explain the outcomes in more detail.

For more detailed information please consult the Ministry website.