Elementary (4-7)

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Check out the NEW Physical and Health Education Curriculum for September, 2016.

Sexual Health Education is now a part of the P.E. program and will be taught by your child’s PE teacher or an outside provider, a Certified Sexual Health Educator.



NEW Physical and Health Education Curriculum September 2016

Grade 4 (2-60 minutes lessons)

  • Physical, emotional and social changes that occur during puberty, including those involving sexuality and sexual identity.

Grade 5 (2-60 minute lessons)

  • Physical, emotional and social changes that occur during puberty, including those involving sexuality and sexual identity, and changes to relationships.
  • Hygiene.

Grade 6 (3-60 minute lessons)

  • Human reproductive system (science curriculum).
  • Physical, emotional, and social changes that occur during puberty and adolescence.
  • Developmental rates during puberty.
  • Strategies to protect themselves and others from potential abuse, exploitation, and harm in a variety of settings (focus on sexting).
  • Consequences of bullying, stereotyping and discrimination (focus on homophobia and trans-phobia).

Grade 7 (3-90 minute lessons)

  • Avoiding potentially unsafe, abusive or exploitative situations.
  • Practices that reduce the risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections and life-threatening communicable diseases (condom demonstration).
  • Sources of sexual health information.
  • Influences of physical, emotional, and social changes on identities and relationships.
  • Strategies for developing and maintaining healthy relationships.
  • Impact of transitions and change on identities.

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Educating ourselves … Educating kids.

Power Up Workshops for Kids“Kerri, the presentation today was great. I was impressed with your easiness and honestly with the kids. You were able to talk to them about a very embarrassing subject for many of them and put them right at ease. The feedback from the kids was the same sort of thing while many were grossed out about the subject, you are now their favourite person.”

Colleen Lucas Grade 5 teacher, Parksville

“Thank you Ms. Isham for helping my daughter experience the process of entering puberty in a beautiful way. As a mom it is a wonderful opportunity to connect with my daughter and teach her about the changes and experiences she will have as she becomes a woman. You were able to help that process as your amazing connection with the girls allowed them to learn together and embrace the process in a way that de-mystified things and gave them a place to realize they are all in this together. It became not something that is happening to me, but something that is happening to all of us. That, I could not provide for my daughter so I am thankful that it matters enough to you to put in that special effort that enhances the lives of so many.”

Sincerely, Mom of a Grade 6 girl, Parksville

Grade 4/5 student testimonials

“Thanks for the info! I don’t feel awkward anymore talking about this stuff!”

“Thanks for teaching us about our bodies.”

“Thanks, it gives me something to talk to with my parents.”