Highschool (8-12)

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Grade 8 (1 hour modules)

• Factors that influences healthy sexual decision making

• Risk reduction for sexually transmitted infections (including HIV/AIDS)

• Healthy relationships (health benefits)

• Defining and responding to sexual harassment


Grade 9 (1 hour modules)

• Short/long-term consequences of unsafe sexual behaviour

• Substance use and decision making/Consent

• STI information

• Healthy versus unhealthy relationships


Grade 10 (1 hour modules)

• Healthy decision making

• Sources of health information

• Strategies to protect others from potential abuse, exploitation, and harm in a variety of settings

• Consequences of bullying, stereotyping, and discrimination

•Influences of physical, emotional, and social changes on identities and relationships


Grade 11 (1 hour modules)

• Long term impact of pornography viewing

• Any lessons from Grade 10


Grade 12 (1 hour modules)

• Sexism and gender stereotypes

• What is love? Cycles of abuse/Seeking help

• Any lessons from Grade 10 or 11

sexual health is birth control

“Ms. Isham is by far one of the best teachers I have ever met. She is dedicated and has a way with kids that no one can copy. She is genuine and her sense of humour is contagious. She uses up-to-date techniques and resources and she delivers her Sexual Health Program with both enthusiasm and professionalism.”

Sophie Preston,
Grade 8 Immersion,


“Thanks for the condom demonstration. It was awesome!”

Grade 8 student

“Thanks for the sexual health education. It is going to come in handy one day.”

Grade 8 student

Educating ourselves … Educating kids.