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Check out the NEW Physical and Health Education Curriculum for September, 2016.

Sexual Health Education is now a part of the P.E. program and will be taught by your child’s PE teacher or an outside provider, a Certified Sexual Health Educator.


NEW Physical and Health Education Curriculum September 2016
Kindergarten/Grade 1 (2-45 minute lessons)

  • Names for parts of the body, including male and female private body parts.
  • Appropriate and inappropriate ways of being touched (safe, unsafe and secret).
  • Identify and describe feelings and worries.

Grade 2/3 (2-45 minute lessons)

  • Distinction between the digestive and reproductive system. Watch this video for more information
  • Strategies and skills to use in potentially hazardous, unsafe or abusive situations.
  • All Families are Different* (Factors that influence self-identity).
  • Grade 2 focus – I am Jazz book (transgender focus).
  • Grade 3 focus – A Tale of Two Mommies/A Tale of Two Daddies (same sex parents).

View resource list here.

*NEW* Sexual Behaviour ChartĀ for Preschool and Primary-aged Children: view here

Tips for Parents

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