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cultureofchildCalling all early childhood educators, parents of primary aged children, social workers, teachers, grand-parents raising grand-children and ANYONE who works with or cares for children.

In this workshop you will learn about…
1. Why we need to teach sexual health education early
2. What schools should be offering our primary aged children in terms of sexual abuse prevention
3. Common myths of sexual abuse
4. Types of sexual abuse
5. Statistics of sexual abuse (bring a kleenex)
6. Who commits sexual abuse?
7. Incidences of reporting
8. The difference between a pedophile and molester
9. The profile of a predator
10. Stages of grooming a child
11. What transfer of responsibility looks like
12. Patterns of disclosure
13. Why kids don’t disclose
14. Normal sexual behaviour for preschool and primary aged kids.
15. Signs and symptoms of sexual abuse


Creating a Culture of Child Protection- Hand Out


Check out the NEW Physical and Health Education Curriculum for September, 2016.

Sexual Health Education is now a part of the P.E. program and will be taught by your child’s PE teacher or an outside provider, a Certified Sexual Health Educator.


NEW Physical and Health Education Curriculum September 2016
Kindergarten/Grade 1 (2-45 minute lessons)

  • Names for parts of the body, including male and female private body parts.
  • Appropriate and inappropriate ways of being touched (safe, unsafe and secret).
  • Identify and describe feelings and worries.

Grade 2/3 (2-45 minute lessons)

  • Distinction between the digestive and reproductive system. Watch this video for more information
  • Strategies and skills to use in potentially hazardous, unsafe or abusive situations.
  • All Families are Different* (Factors that influence self-identity).
  • Grade 2 focus – I am Jazz book (transgender focus).
  • Grade 3 focus – A Tale of Two Mommies/A Tale of Two Daddies (same sex parents).

View resource list here.

*NEW* Sexual Behaviour ChartĀ for Preschool and Primary-aged Children: view here

Tips for Parents

Educating ourselves … Educating kids.


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