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“Sexual Health” includes the social, emotional, spiritual
and physical aspects of sexuality and relationships.


• Young people express a strong desire for more information about sex and Sexual Health.

• Schools continue to be the main source of Sexual Health information for children and adolescents.

• Over 85% of Canadian parents and 92% of high school youth agree that Sexual Health Education should be provided in schools.

• 63% of teenagers say parents are a major source of information regarding Sexual Health.

When parents, teachers, mentors and caregivers talk openly and honestly
about sexuality, children and teenagers will have the comfort, knowledge and support
they need to achieve healthy sexual lives.

Welcome to POWER UP!

Power Up Workshops offers a variety of customized sexual health workshops for Preschool to Grade 12, parents, educational assistants, teachers, adults and people with special needs. Our workshops will provide a fun, safe and relaxed atmosphere where individuals can increase their knowledge, motivation and skills to achieve optimal Sexual Health

Educating ourselves … Educating kids.

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When does puberty stop?

Do you have to go through it?

Does a boy get a period?

Some people wear condoms when they have sex. Why don’t they want to have a baby?

When you run out of eggs, is it impossible to have babies?

Where do babies come from?